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John Fullilove, Smitty's grandson, now tends the barbecue pit

Smitty's Market featured in BBQ Film at SXSW film festival in Austin.

Lockhart - If there is a Barbecue Capital of the World, this is the place. From what we hear, there's about 11,000 people in this small town who are easily outnumbered by a prodigious army of ribs, cuts of brisket, some amazing shoulder clod, and countless links of sausage. Barbecue runs this town. With 4 major BBQ joints, the proprietors simply recommend you try all of them and pick your favorite. We were not disappointed by our journey to Smitty's Market and Kreuz Market (pronounced "Krites" by the locals, although they understand that they just made that up).

At Smitty's Market we were greeted by _Texas Monthly_ cover star (May 2003) John Fullilove who presented the BBQ Film crew with brand new Smitty's Market shirts that we couldn't exactly wear to our next stop at Kreuz a quarter-mile down the road. All part of the same extended BBQ family, these two institutions top the best. From the amazing history at Smitty's to the amazing space at Kreuz, our trip to BBQ Mecca was dotted with characters like Harold (a Smitty's patron). Now, here's a man who has a special creative set of words and outlook for any situation, and who was once forced to quit eating barbecue for 97 days for specific medical reasons. Can you guess the first thing he did on Day 98?


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